The Phoenix Police Department has partnered with the National Training Institute on Race and Equity — a group that uses experts in psychology and sociology in racial and cultural sensitivity training — to teach each of the agency’s nearly 3,000 officers about implicit bias in law enforcement.

“Nearly 73 percent of the department’s 2,937 sworn officers are white, while about 19 percent are Hispanic and 4 percent are African-American,” according to

That’s compared with a city that, according to Census data, has a population that is about 44% white and Hispanic.

The one-year, $150,000 training will begin in the fall and could be extended for an additional two years, as needed, with a possible total price of $450,000.

In 2015 the department installed a mandatory 40-hour training aimed at enhancing officer decision-making while boosting trust, accountability and mutual respect across the city.


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