Cybercrime is rampant, and anyone can be a victim. From fraud to ransomware, from hacktivism to nation-state attacks, cybersecurity incidents are part of the world we live in.

Since its creation, the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC), has worked diligently to share critical cyber threat information and combat cybersecurity threats. As Arizona’s fusion center, the ACTIC recently bolstered their commitment to this critical mission by creating the Arizona Cyber Information Program (ACIP).

The ACIP brings public and private entities together through its Cyber Threat Network, to collect, share, store, and correlate information about cyber-attacks and threats. With this information, entities can better prevent cyber-attacks, identify malicious software and block phishing emails.

The ACIP is a partnership between the ACTIC, the Arizona Department of Administration, the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, the Arizona National Guard Cyber Response Team, FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force, and the Urban Area Security Initiative’s Cybersecurity Program Coordinator.

“Only through timely sharing of cyber threat information can we protect our state and our way of life from cyber criminals,” said Major Jennifer Pinnow, Director of the ACTIC. “This important mission could not be done without the collaborative help from our ACTIC partners.”

To submit a tip or report suspicious activity to the ACTIC, please go to and click on “Submit Suspicious Activity Report”. For emergencies or crimes in progress, please dial 9-1-1.


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