In a partnership between the AHPA and FOP Lodge 32, employees and retirees will soon be able to order a recently approved badge commemorating Arizona’s centennial.  Director Halliday has authorized the badge to be worn by sworn employees during 2012.

Order forms will be arriving shortly.  Any DPS employee and retiree is eligible to order the badge.  It will be available with “Arizona Highway Patrol” or “Department of Public Safety” around the center.  The employee’s badge number will be in the normal locations.  Sworn employees will have the appropriate rank on the bottom scroll.  For civilians and retirees, the bottom scroll will have either “Civilian” or “Retiree” entered.

The two groups have agreed to add $5 to the cost of the badge, bringing the total to $57.  All money raised through sales will be donated to the DPS Museum Committee.

An image of the badge is below.

DPS Centennial Badge

Example of the approved DPS Centennial Badge

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