Mike Napier’s Law Office Saves Another Career

January 13, 2006

The cornerstone of APA’s success is the superior legal coverage provided by the Law Offices of Michael Napier. Mr. Napier has been representing police officers since 1975. Through many fights and struggles for police labor to gain power and respect in Arizona, Mr. Napier and his firm have been the constant forces behind many of the successes.

Early in 2005, a Phoenix police officer was terminated for alleged untruthful statements during an official investigation. Mike Napier’s office, working hand-in-hand with PLEA Representative Danny Boyd, defended this officer before the Phoenix Civil Service Board. Despite the testimony from an internal affairs supervisor and command officer relating their belief this officer lied, the Civil Service Board was unconvinced and cleared the officer on all allegations returning her to continue a career with the Department.

Without the legal expertise of Mike Napier’s office and the commitment of the APA leadership, many careers, would reach an untimely end on unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations. APA, through its legal coverage, is committed to protecting each and every officer’s career and holding the agencies to their responsibility of honestly investigating allegations of misconduct.

Membership in an APA affiliated association provides you with access to the best and most experienced career defense in the state. The job of police officer is like a mine field, nobody means to step on it, but sometimes you do! You’re not alone in finding your way through the pitfalls and challenges presented by working in law enforcement. The APA member associations and a panel of lawyers including Mike Napier are available at moments notice to take up your cause.

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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