A uniformed Birmingham, AL, police sergeant bit into a 1-inch bolt in his Classic Roast Beef sandwich last Thursday while eating at a local Arby’s restaurant last week.

Sgt. Patrick Cosby said he doesn’t know if the bolt was intentionally placed there because he is a police officer – there have been similar incidents around the country in what officers feel is a continuing anti-police sentiment – or whether it was a machine malfunction, which Arby’s officials claim.

But either way, he said, it’s unacceptable.

“I don’t know how you make a sandwich with a bolt that large in it and not be intentional,” Crosby told AL.com. “I can’t wrap my head around that.”

Christopher Fuller, a senior vice president for communications with Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., provided this statement on the incident: “We take this matter very seriously and conducted an immediate investigation. After reviewing video footage from our kitchen speaking with our team members, we are confident no one was targeted in this instance. We have a long-standing tradition of supporting our men and women in uniform, and we are currently working with the guest to resolve the matter.”


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