1. AELE has a new webpage on police body-cam information, which will be periodically updated.


View at http://www.aele.org/bwc-info.html


2. The IACP Executive Committee has approved the revised Officer Involved Shooting guidelines, adopted by the Police Psychological Services Section at the 2013 annual conference.


View at http://www.theiacp.org/portals/0/documents/pdfs/Psych-OfficerInvolvedShooting.pdf


3. New FBI article: Suicide by Cop: Broadening Our Understanding (Sep. 2014).


View at http://leb.fbi.gov/2014/september/suicide-by-cop-broadening-our-understanding


4. New AELE Monthly Law Journal article: Civil Liability for Use of Police Dogs.


Part Three focuses on use of force against private dogs, animal control issues, policy suggestions, resources, and references.


View at http://www.aele.org/law/2014-10MLJ101.html


5. The Oct. 2014 issues of AELE’s three periodicals have been uploaded.


The current issues, back issues since 2000, case digests since 1975, and a search engine are FREE. Everyone is welcome to read, print or download AELE publications without charge. The main menu is at: http://www.aele.org/law


*** Law Enforcement Liability Reporter ***


This issue has cases on handcuffs, assault and battery, ECWS (dart and stun mode), false arrest, interrogation, jury selection, malicious prosecution, police plaintiff actions, and vehicle searches.


View at http://www.aele.org/law/2014all10/LR2014OCT.html


*** Fire, Police & Corrections Personnel Reporter ***


This issue has cases on attorneys’ fees, disciplinary punishment, FMLA leave, ADA discrimination (medical exams), moonlighting, privacy rights, religious discrimination, retaliatory personnel action, and sexual discrimination (correctional facilities).


View at http://www.aele.org/law/2014all10/FP2014OCT.html


*** Jail and Prisoner Law Bulletin ***


This issue has cases on false imprisonment, inmate funds, legal mail, medical care, mental health, PLRA, prisoner assault, prisoner death/injuries, suicide, and religion.


View at http://www.aele.org/law/2014all10/JB2014OCT.html


6. Selected criminal law and procedure cases are at two other free websites.





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