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1. IACP article: Police Licensing and Revocation, by Thomas Jurkanin, Ph.D. (Feb. 2014).


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2.AELE has a new Monthly Law Journal article on Prisoners with HIV/AIDS. Part 2 focuses on privacy, discrimination, protection from assault and other issues.


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3. The Mar. 2014 issues of AELE’s three periodicals have been uploaded.


The current issues, back issues since 2000, case digests since 1975, and a search engine are FREE. Everyone is welcome to read, print or download AELE publications without charge. The main menu is at:


*** Law Enforcement Liability Reporter ***


This issue has cases on assault and battery, false arrest, firearms related, vehicle related, off-duty liability, pursuits, and search & seizure.


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*** Fire, Police & Corrections Personnel Reporter ***


This issue has cases on disabilities, FLSA, FMLA, pensions, political activity, race discrimination, retirement benefits, and workers’ compensation.


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*** Jail and Prisoner Law Bulletin ***


This issue has cases on ECWs (dart mode), inmate funds, medical care, prison conditions, PLRA, prisoner assault, prisoner transport, transsexual prisoners, and enemy combatants.


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4. Selected criminal law and procedure cases are at two other free websites.


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