AELE LOGO1. AELE was sent a 7-page article on the use of force by campus security officers. It was written by Dr. Matthew Stiehm, who is an AELE Certified Litigation Consultant.


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2. The Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths funded a study on the safety of the WRAP restraint system. The full report can be purchased at a small cost, and an executive summary can be downloaded gratis.


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3. AELE has a new Monthly Law Journal article on civil liability for neck restraints. Part 1 covers law enforcement applications. Next month, Part 2 examines neck restraints in a correctional setting.


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4. Attorney Eric P. Daigle, CLS, is the new chair of the Association of Certified Litigation Consultants (ACLS). In October, Mr. Daigle was elected to a 2-year term as vice-chair of the IACP Legal Officers Section. He also will serve on the CLS Academic Committee. Eric’s mission is to rejuvenate the ACLS.


5. The Dec. 2013 issues of AELE’s three periodicals have been uploaded.


The current issues, back issues since 2000, case digests since 1975, and a search engine are FREE. Everyone is welcome to read, print or download AELE publications without charge. The main menu is at:


*** Law Enforcement Liability Reporter ***


This issue has cases on battery (flashlights), ECWs (dart & stun mode), false arrest, firearms related, First Amendment, gang activity, 911 liability, search & seizure, and sexual assault.


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*** Fire, Police & Corrections Personnel Reporter ***


This issue has cases on alcohol abuse, bill of rights laws, handicap discrimination, homosexual & transgender employee rights, pay disputes, racial discrimination, sexual assault and workers’ compensation.


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*** Jail and Prisoner Law Bulletin ***


This issue has cases on access to courts, ECW dart mode cases, false imprisonment, medical care, PLRA, assault by officers, prisoner restraint, public protection and disciplinary segregation.


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6. Selected criminal law and procedure cases are at two other free websites.


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