By News Staff

TROY, Mich. — The 4th annual North American Active Assailant Conference will be held in Troy, Michigan this year.

The conference, intended for law enforcement and first responders, will provide firsthand collaborative debriefs of some of the largest active assailant incidents that have occurred within the past two years.

Presentations will include information on the administrative and operational changes that have been made since those tragedies.

With a max of 2,000 in attendance, the general conference will span over two days from April 24-26. Attendees may opt to attended a pre-conference, the general conference and the 20th Annual NPRC on Saturday, April 27, which will have a separate registration processes and fees.

Given the sensitive nature of information that will be shared, those in attendance will be restricted to aforementioned personnel.

Registration is $150 that includes breakfast and lunch on both general conference days.

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