Three Detroit police officers were shot and two women were killed Sunday when a gunman opened fire, and reportedly barricaded himself in a home during the “melee” sparking a 14-hour standoff.

The standoff has now ended and the suspect has been found dead, WXYZ TV reports. The suspect’s girlfriend, who had been reported missing, was also found dead in the house.

Reports of a second gunman in an adjoining house have now been proven false. The neighbor was arrested and is scheduled for release after police say he did not fire any shots, Fox News reports.

The standoff began around 10 p.m. when police received a call about shots fired at a home in east Detroit. Police arrived and found two women and an off-duty Detroit Public Schools Community District police officer shot, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said during a Monday news conference.

“The suspect was heard saying prior to the incidents, ‘I will not be taken without a fight,’” Craig said. “So he clearly expressed an intention to do harm and he clearly expressed intentions to hurt police officers.”

The shooter also fired at responding officers for at least an hour, striking a Detroit police officer. A second attack on officers occurred early Monday morning when another Detroit police officer was wounded.

Responding police officers did not return fire during the standoff because it was unclear where the gunfire was coming from, according to Craig.


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