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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said this afternoon that 10 people were killed and 10 were wounded in a school shooting in Santa Fe Friday morning. The wounded includes a school resource officer who was reportedly shot engaging the suspect and is in critical condition.

Santa Fe Police Officer John Barnes, a retired Houston police officer, was transported to the hospital, by Life Flight, with a gunshot wound to his upper arm. He has lost a lot of blood and is in critical condition, according to hospital staff. As of noon, he was still undergoing surgery, KHOU TV reports.

The suspected shooter is in custody and has been identified as a 17-year-old who attends the school.

A second person of interest was also detained, officials said.

The suspected shooter, a junior, shared photographs on a now-defunct Facebook page of a T-shirt that said “born to kill” and clothes adorned with German nationalist iconography, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Gov. Abbott said the shooter was armed with a shotgun and a .38 revolver, which he apparently took from home. The attack also involved explosive devices in the school and in nearby areas.

“There have been explosives devices found in the high school and surrounding areas adjacent to the high school,” Santa Fe ISD tweeted around noon on Friday. “Because of the threat of explosive items, community members should be on the look-out for suspicious packages and anything that looks out of place.”

School officials are warning people to not touch anything that appears to be out of place around the high school. Anyone who comes across anything suspicious should contact 911 immediately, the Houston Chronicle reports.

There are reports that the shooter wore a long coat similar to those worn by the Columbine killers during their attack.

Santa Fe police reportedly had two officers working at the school at the time of the attack and a third officer who roved the area.


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